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Shipping & Returns

Please read and understand all the points below before making purchases:

If you ever have a problem or need help, please feel free to contact me through the stores contact form. I strive for happy customers!

We appreciate your consideration in not sharing gift or newsletter coupons.
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All standard prices, sales, specials, coupons are subject to change at each designer's discretion at any give time.

Store gift certificate that were gifted to customer that are not redeemed for 1 year or more may be deleted.


Beginning Jan. 1, 2015 Due to changes in EU Tax laws
we will no longer be accepting payments from EU countries.
This will not affect free orders or orders that are free after coupons or gift certificates.
Read More Here.


  • Please note - we cannot be responsible for undelivered emails. Be sure to add our email address to your address book or approved senders lists so you can receive replies to questions, order notices, important information, newsletters and more. You can always access your active order downloads and history by logging into your account and viewing your detailed order information.

  • The store is broken into categories of product types -- both full and tagger size and according to program types and uses, however while designer's do try their best to be sure their products are appropriately categorized sometimes errors can happen in where a product is placed. Either simply from human error, or from language barriers, translation confusion, and such. Please be sure to read the actual description of each product to verify it does meet your needs as expected prior to purchasing. If it is unclear, please contact us. We will be more than happy to clarify for you prior to purchase. :)
  • We use to securely process store orders. No account needed to checkout - Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Small orders cost the designers and the store more, sometimes nearly all going to processing fees. We appreciate if when ordering multiple items customers can combine them into one order if possible.
  • We will never sell or share your personal information, we respect your privacy the same as we do our own. Accounts created must include your correct name and contact information. Accounts that are suspected of being falsified will not be permitted to shop in the store. This is to protect our designers and store from fraud. You can unsubscribe from newsletter mailing in your account area and will not contact you unless it pertains to an order issue.
  • Free Gifts are different than free products. They are free with qualifying purchases, the amount varying, the price your cart needs to exceed to qualify will be shown on the free gift product page. You may choose one per qualifying order. You must manually add the one you like best and qualify for during the checkout process. The cart will show which products you cart qualifies for, as well as how much you would need to spend to qualify for any higher gift option. Remember this is a gift, we cannot retroactively apply it to your cart or refund if you decide to otherwise purchase the extra free gifts available. We appreciate your understanding in this, and hope you enjoy the gift options available. :)
  • Newsletter emails are sent out approximately one to three times per week and include specials, coupons, and new product updates.
  • Files are in digital format, and will be available in a zipped archive. You can use a program like Winzip, Winrar, or other utility to open these archives and get the individual files out of them.
  • In most cases nothing will be mailed to your physical address. FILES ARE DIGITAL! Zipped format, and you will need an unzipping utility of some kind that can open a .ZIP format.
  • A low order fee will apply to orders under a minimum amount.
  • You must check your files for any quality issues upon downloading within 7 days of purchase. If there is an issue, please contact us and we will work with you and the designer to get this fixed as quickly as possible.
  • Files are only guaranteed available within 7 days of purchase. Please download and check the files immediately for any issues. If you have any issues, contact us and we will get this fixed for you as quickly as possible. Please allow 2 Business Days for our reply. If you do not hear by that time, conatct again as sometimes emails can get lost.
  • You will have a limited number of attempts to try to get your files. If you have a problem and your attempts run out, please let us know within 7 days of purchase so we can work with you to get a copy of your files.
  • Beyond 7 days from your order date, we cannot guarantee that the files will continue to be available. However, on a case by case basis we will reset an order one time under emergency circumstances (computer crash) if requested within 3 months of the original order date. Some or all of your files may no longer be available, but you will be able to download the ones that are still on the server or in the store. We cannot reset orders that are over 3 months old, and we cannot reset an order more than one time. If your time has expired or has been reset before you will need to repurchase your items, or contact the designers directly and see if they are willing to work with you.
  • All standard prices, sales, specials, coupon are subject to change at each designer's discretion at any given time.
  • We cannot give a refund due to an item not working with your software, check carefully what software programs and versions the product will work with prior to purchase. If the item does not say, and you are unsure, contact us or the designer for more information before purchasing.
  • You must follow the designers terms of use for their products, and product types. Scrap for hire items often have different terms of use than commercial use items. Most designers have posted their terms of use in the store for you to view, if a designer has not yet done so please contact them or me prior to purchase with any questions. Or you can wait and view the terms of use in the zip file with your purchase.
  • We reserve the right to ship large orders on CD or DVD, you must included a valid shipping address in your account for such cases. Your account information should be kept up to date and accurate for such events, and in the event we need to contact you for order issues of any kind.
  • Due to past issues with freebies and fake email accounts, all accounts must now be verified before free downloads will be available. Upon creating an account you will be sent an email with a link to confirm your account. Once you have taken this step you will be able to access all free items in the store. We appreciate your understanding, and hope you enjoy the gifts the designers at have provided for you. Any account found to have fake information will be deactivated.

    We will not share or sell your information outside of this site and its designers when necessary to validate an order. Valid customer information is required to contact customers in the event of an order issue, to verify legal license usage to protect you as a user, and to protect the designers from pirating. This goes for both free and pay items.

    If you do not receive your confirmation email, check your spam folder.. or contact me with the email address you registered under and I will manually verify it for you.
  • We reserve the right to put a temporary hold on any order, and it's downloads, that is suspected of being fraudulent or falsified in any way.
  • A $0.50 low order fee will be applied to orders under $3.00. You can avoid this fee by adding more than $3.00 in products to your cart prior to checkout. Free orders may show the low order fee, but no payment will be required! :)
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